Buy Legit Oxy Pills Online

Buy Legit Oxy Pills Online


Here are at ,

we provide three shipping methods,

depending on your chosen delivery address/country.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery is not traceable.  

Once your package has left our despatch centre,

we are no longer accountable for it.

Once the courier has collected your package from us,

we will add the Tracking Code to your order history and

email you the details, which will include the tracking code and a link to follow.

The link will allow you to to track your order through the delivery company’s tracking portal. We do not have any more information about your package, than seen in that portal.

If your package has not arrived within the said days, please contact us via LiveChat, or use the Contact Us form, and provide us with the details of your order, including your order number.

Insured & Tracked Delivery

Insured and Tracked entitles you to Discreet shipping plus home delivery. We advise all clients to make sure their orders are legal, before ordering .

When you chose Tracked Delivery, you will initially be provided with an Order Confirmation email that will NOT include your tracking details.

Delivery Timescales

Shipping research chemicals around the world, is generally pretty fast, however, we do see that some packages can take as long as 15 days to arrive. If 15 days have passed, and you are unfortunate enough not to have received your order, contact us , and tell us your order date and your order number, so we can look into your problem.


When you place an order with us, you will receive emails updating you about the status of your order.
Our Order Status’s are as follows:

  • Awaiting Bitcoin Payment: your Bitcoin order has been received, your discount has been automatically deducted and it’s now waiting for your transfer. Kindly send us an email to give us your Transfer Details.
  • Pending: This means that your credit/debit card order has been successfully placed, no money has been taken yet, your card will be processed manually during office hours
  • Awaiting Bank Payment: Your Western Union or Moneygram order has been received and we are waiting for you to make the bank transfer. You will be sent an email, explaining how to proceed with your payment. Alternatively, contact us for payment instructions. Please provide your order number on your transfer notes etc.
  • Credit Card Declined: Your bank has declined your credit card transaction. Please contact your bank directly to ensure you are able to make the purchase. Alternatively, contact us to change your order Payment Method.
  • Processing: Your order is being picked and packed, ready to be passed on to The Postal Service.
  • In Post: Your order has now been shipped. If you have chosen a tracked shipping method, the tracking details will be emailed to you as soon as available.

We have strict shipping restrictions in place, if we believe a chemical is not legal in your region we will not ship there, but it is down to you, the end user, to confirm your Legal Position with your local law authority. We take no responsibility for any legal issues in your region.

Please do not ask us to use different legit names to avoid customs etc,

we will not do so under any circumstance.

Orders placed before 4pm CET will be shipped that day

If order is placed after 3pm Friday will be dispatched on Saturday.

Please note… We do not process packages on Sundays.

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